Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sennheiser HD598

This is my Sennheiser HD598 with custom replacement audio cable. The original cable was too long and has 6.3mm plug. I mainly use as my daily driver, so mobility is important. My source is my HTC One (M7) with FiiO E18 amplifier with 3.5mm socket.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

In Hibernation

This blog is currently on hibernation. I have no chance to update you with anything about traveling via Batangas Port. I am currently out of the country.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Port of Batangas Location

This blog refers to the Port of Batangas, located at Brgy. Sta. Clara, Batangas City. See map below:

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Monday, July 4, 2011

A Welcome Update on Calapan Port

It really is a very much welcome upgrade on Passenger Terminal at the Port of Calapan City. Albeit the passenger terminal is not as large as the one in Batangas City, it is very comfortable, has a working X-Ray machine, a working free public wifi, surveillance cameras, good PA system classy comfort rooms, and LCD Televisions. All for a small terminal fee of Php20.00. NPMS&I really did a good job.

This is very far better, compared to the state of the Batangas City passenger terminals. You have to pay Php 30 pesos, for a very humid, most-of-the-time-hot passenger area, not well-maintained comfort rooms, mumbled sound of PA system, broken x-ray machine, and other things that makes my weekly travel very uncomfortable. Yes, they got some LCD TV, but what else?

I wonder where the funds go...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Supercat Updates

Got a nice surprise this morning when I came to the Supercat ticketing office in Calapan Port to buy a ticket to Batangas City and found out that the ticket they are now selling are being printed while you wait. For a long time, passengers get used to having a pre-printed tickets. What's nice is, you don't have to write your name on the passenger manifest. Just provide a valid ID and the teller will input the necessary information to their computer terminal and voila, you'll get your printed ticket and you are included in the passenger list.

I remember when Supercat was just starting its operation in Calapan City (way back when the fare on Calapan-Batangas route is just Php 45.00), they were already using the same system (different ticket format, though).

Well, I got a non-aircon seat (it's at the second floor of the vessel) at Php 200.00. Had a chance to appreaciate the islands (the three small islands in Calapan Bay and the Verde Island in Batangas), and some playful dolphins!

Aircon accomodation is Php 280.00 (one way). I just wonder why the fare is the same for the vessel which can take the Calapan - Batangas route in one hour and the other vessel that takes one and a half hour to get there? Shouldn't there be a price difference?

Anyway, the boat trip was smooth. No undue delays. Looks like the crew had a good night sleep.

After the boat trip, I got aboard one of the Buses bound to LRT Buendia, fare is Php 166.50. Traffic is moving ok so the trip went fine.